What is Self Publishing?  We all know that starting out  as an author can be more trouble than any other profession because of the flight chance that you are not accepted or that you do not get the approval of the big publishing house and you know that starting off with a smaller one will have to make you work that much harder later to get to the top.

But through the advantages in printing techniques and different marketing techniques there is a solution to that which allows the big companies to print the books on demand at the same quality as the traditional ways. On the outside this might seem like an out of the world offer but even though this is a great way to get started there are simple back drafts that you may or may not be able to foresee.

Self Publishing: The Good

It is easy to see the good in the self publishing process if you are in any way related to the business of printing books or if you are an author yourself. If you have been here for some time and are now established as an author, then think back to the beginning where you had to run after the bigger houses for approval with your manuscript, all of which is over when it comes to this process. Following are the reasons why self publishing a book is trumping the old ways every day:

  • Print-on-demand

This is something that really took the authors by awe when it came out. Here you can print as many books as you get orders for. This means that you have to pay the self publishing websites for the number of books you get orders for and they will print only that many at a time. This means you can be at total independence of any liabilities.

  • Total Control

You can control the kind of marketing that is done and since you are paying for each book at a time you can control the number of books being published. You do not have to mass publish the book and the greatest problem that you will have to encounter is basically only worrying about how much the people are actually going to like your work.

  • Dual Possibilities

With the advent of the digital age there is a choice you can have. You can choose to read a book the old fashioned way on paper or on your computer or kindle screen. This is also the choice that is allowed on self publishing websites.

  • Risk Free publishing

There little to no risk involved because you do not have to take on the liability of printing so many books but print simply as you need.

Self Publishing:  The Bad

You cannot deny that there are things a big company can achieve that you cannot on your own. At first when you are self publishing a book you are evaluated by the big companies and that means only the best get printed but due to the ease with which you can get self published many sub-standard works are flooding the book stores. There should be a filter even in this process.

For more information on Self Publishingclick this link to learn how to publish your book for free.

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 self publishing on kindle

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